Balcony Solar Systems

Balcony Power Plant 840/800W 
DAH Solar DHN-SU800D-G0

The balcony power station set includes 

  •  2x FS BB 420W DAH Solar Panels - Full Screen - Black/Black 
  • 1x micro inverter 800W 
  • 1x AC cable 7m
  • 1x ECU for communication and monitoring

Your advantages:

Globally patented full-screen PV module, reduces power loss caused by dust accumulation by 6-15%. The latest semiconductor technology, higher conversion efficiency, smaller inverter size, lower consumption.

Maximize your self-consumption and use your self-generated energy from the balcony power plant for your home system

  • Smart energy management 
  • Easy installation and integration into new and existing systems 
  • Direct connection to 230V socket 
  • Excellent price-performance ratio 
  • Maximum protection for your home system  (over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, short-circuit and over-temperature protection) 
  • Protection class IP65, IP67 
  • Suitable for private use 
  • Intelligent charging control and monitoring very easily via app 
  • Remote control and firmware update automatically
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Technical data:

  • System weight: 46.8 kg
  • Solar module rated power: 2x 420W
  • Module length: 2x 1.766 mm
  • Module width: 2x 1.132mm
  • Frame height: 2x 32 mm
  • Module color: Black / Black