Growatt ARK HV Battery

  • 7.68-25.6kWh, from 3 to 10 Batteries set
  • Cobalt free LiFePO4 battery
  • High cycle stability and long lifespan
  • Soft start to protect the system from surges
  • Auto under-voltage wakeup
  • Remote diagnosis and upgrade
  • One-person installation
  • Modular and stacked design
  • Module automatic recognition
  • IP65 for outdoor installation
  • Growatt BMS HVC 60050-A1

    Battery Management System (BMS) for ARK HV battery system
    Compatible with SPH inverter.

    • Flexible capacity options, 5.12kWh to 17.92kWh
    • Excellent safety of the cobalt-free LiFePO4 battery
    • Easy installation due to modular and stacked design
    • Long service life, 10 years warranty
    • Remote firmware upgrade

    Growatt BMS (BDC 95045-A1)

    Battery Management System (BMS) for ARK XH battery system
    • Compatible with MOD XH inverter
    • Flexible capacity options, 7.68 kWh to 17.92 kWh
    • Outstanding safety of the cobalt-free LiFeP04 battery
    • Easy installation due to modular and stacked construction
    • Long life, 10 year guarantee
    • Remote firmware upgrade

    Growatt ARK 2.5-A1 battery base

    The Growatt ARK Battery Base is suitable for the floor installation of Growatt ARK battery modules.


    Growatt ARK XH high-voltage battery cable set

    The Growatt ARK XH high-voltage battery cable set enables the connection between the battery management system and the hybrid inverter of the Growatt. It enables communication and the power connection. This article is only necessary once per system.


    Sofar Solar Energy Storage BTS E5...E20-D5

    • Modular and integrated design for easy transport and installation
    • Flexible expansion of battery capacity (Ah)
    • User-friendly one-button operation
    • Maximum battery performance through battery module optimisation
    • Extremely low battery self-consumption in standby mode
    • Energy storage specifically for ME / HYD 5...20KTL-3PH inverters