Car chargers

Growatt THOR 11AS-P-V1 (Wi-Fi)

Growatt smart EV charger can be used in various scenarios including residential and commercial. Its capacity ranges from 3-11 kW AC charger and 20 kW DC. With the highlighted GroHome system and PV coupling charging mode powered by solar energy, you can charge your car with 100% renewable energy. The EV is dynamically charged by the excess solar power, combining PV and EV charger to maximize solar self-consumption rate and reduce your bill.

Powered by solar
  • Easy to integrate into a solar storage system
  • Compatible with ALL brand EVs
  • Charge EVs with renewable energy

Smart management

  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Plug&play, RFID, App loading activation
  • Intelligent load balancing
  • Flexible communication via LAN, WiFi or 4G

Security and reliability

  • Residual current device type A + 6mA DC residual current protection
  • IP65